Bulk Metals

Ferrous & Non Metals Metals
Aluminium - ingots, billets, coils, circles and scrap

Prime Grade
Zinc – Special High Grade & High Grade Zinc. In Ingot and Jumbo.

Aluminium and Stainless Steel in required grade and purity

Metal Ingots

Bulk chemicals and resins

Foam Chemicals



Reactive and Catalyst Agents

Fire Retardant Foam Systems

Plastic Resins – Recycled and Virgin

Pet Granules

Pet Forms

Engineering Service

Pritt offers an in-depth expertise for all engineering requirements. Be it a bespoke project which requires sourcing of specialised engineering equipment to repetitive requirements of crucial spares. The Company operates with an inhouse team of talented engineers as well as specialised team of identified contractors offering diverse skill sets.

Expansive Range of Industrial Spares

Sourcing of Bespoke Equipment

Project Management Consultancy

Hospitality Wares

We provide representation to leading brands in the European and UK markets

Representation provided to leading brand in
markets of Europe and UK

Client's Workshops/
manufacturing units

State of the art facilities

Large capacity

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